Bathroom2u’s Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom2u has a great number of beautiful bathroom mirrors from some of the market-leading manufacturers, and all at great prices. Our extensive range of bathroom mirrors fall into many different categories, some of the most popular being:

Non-illuminated Mirrors These are standard mirrors with no additional features apart from their great style. They are very simple and inexpensive, so if all you need is a standard mirror then this is the category to be looking in for great bargains.

Mirrors with shaver sockets– self-explanatory! They are illuminated or non-illuminated mirrors with shaver sockets in them.

Demista Mirrors The Demista mirrors are the perfect solution to the problem of mirrors misting up when the bath or shower is in use. The demista function is inexpensive to run and it will only cost around 2p-3p per week to keep your mirror mist-free. If the mirror of your choice doesn’t have a built-in demista, the good news is that we sell the demista pads separately so that you can place the pad underneath any mirror for a mist-free solution.

Backlit Mirrors Bathroom2u’s Backlit mirror selection have lights inset in the back of them, not only giving them a spectacular appearance, but saving space and making the front of the mirror easier to clean. These are impressive products at very competitive prices.

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