Hydrotherapy Systems Simply Explained

This Article is designed to help your understanding of the common Hydrotherapy systems used.


The Whirlpool system is designed to pump blended water and air through jets in the side of the bath, creating a hydromassage effect to stimulate the body.

The power of the jets can be adjusted either a more powerful and intense result or a softer more gentle experience.


Air Spa System

The Air Spa system blows preheated air through tiny jets in the bottom of the bath.

These bubbles envelop the body stimulating the senses and provides a gentler and more all over refershing feeling.


The Multiple Electronic System

The multiple jet system is a superior and more powerful whirlpool. This system combines  the more powerfully designed mini jets with a heated blower to create that high performance turbo effect.

Ideal for back and foot jet placements possibly the most effective system on the market today.


The Dual Pneumatic System

The Dual or Combination system, as the name suggests, brings together the benefits and enjoyment of both the Whirlpool and Air Spa systems into one complementary system.

The Dual Pneumatic System

Hi-Flow System

The Hi-Flow system uses larger jets and puts you in a total control of the flow of each individual jet.

This allows you to direct the jets onto and away from particular areas of the body.

Hi-Flow System

Turbo System

The turbo system is similar to the whirlpool. In principle, however in addition it incorporates the use of a blower and 3 speed controls to create a more powerful effect for a more intense experience.

Turbo System

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