Bathroom screens

For many, installing a freestanding shower is not an option. You may not have the room and sacrificing your bath is not something you might fancy doing. Perhaps you don’t have the budget for a complete bathroom overhaul. You may be renting or perhaps you are simply upgrading your home, ready for sale.

Whatever your reason, there is a solution for getting the best of both worlds. You can convert your bathroom into a shower by simply installing a shower screen. This means you have the luxury of those deep, soothing baths together with the convenience of a quick in-and-out shower.

Before you purchase your new shower screen, you must first check that your bath is suitable for fitting one. If it is, then there is nothing holding you back. Your bath needs to provide a flat surface so that water does not drip or pour over the edge of the bath onto the floor. If your bath has raised handles, this may impede the effectiveness of the screen’s water proofing seal.

Shower screens are most effective when placed on a horizontal flat-rimmed bath. The wall that will house the shower screen fittings needs to be tiled or waterproofed and able to support its weight easily.

Shower screens are modern, stylish, durable and functional. They are usually made from toughened safety glass which can be clear or frosted, and the designs include rounded edges, square edges or multi sectioned panels.

Single shower panels fold inwards towards the bath, while sectioned panels concertina and fold back against the wall and out of the way.

Whichever style of shower screen appeals to you, one thing is assured. You will get a compact, space-saving, stylish showering solution.

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