Do you really know the difference between valves and taps?

Bathroom fittings come in all shapes, sizes and uses. From taps to cabinets and shower heads, bathroom fittings and accessories are greatly varied. However, when you hear someone talk about bathroom valves, do you really know what they are?

Moreover, do you know the difference between bathroom valves and taps? If not, keep reading! Bathroom2u has a great range of bathroom valves which can bring a whole new style and functional dimension to your bathroom.

Turning to the future

Bathroom valves have been around for a very long time already and the chances that you already have them in your bathroom are good. If you have a shower in your bathroom, you have bathroom valves. The ‘taps’ you turn to switch the water on in a shower are called bathroom valves. What’s the difference? Well, taps have a spout connected to them from which the water flows.

Valves have no spout, yet control the water flow from a spout elsewhere in your bath or shower. Why would you want to look into bathroom valves? Well, stylish and elegant contemporary designs are available from Bathroom2u in order to add that extra touch of luxury and class to your bathroom shower.

If you don’t have a shower, don’t despair. You can also use bathroom valves. You can have them installed for your bath tub so that you don’t have to stretch to reach taps when refilling the tub. It is also possible to add a classy, modern look to your basin with wall mounted bathroom valves that activate a spout in or just above the basin instead of taps.

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