Practical and stylish shower doors

Showers are becoming more and more common in homes across the UK. There are a few reasons for this. Many people prefer to shower rather than run a bath in the mornings when they live life at a breakneck pace, as it is fast, easy and convenient. Showers are also water-saving and thus far more environmentally friendly.

One of the biggest reasons that showers are starting to take over is the lack of available space for baths in modern bathrooms. As the UK population grows, space becomes more and more limited and often new homes are now built on a smaller scale to accommodate everyone. This means that apartments and homes are being built with smaller bathrooms in them.

Doorways to success

A shower is not only a space-saving bathroom concept, they are also stylish and beautiful additions to a bathroom. This is where the need for practical and eye-catching shower doors comes into play. Bathroom2u has a wide selection of shower doors to choose from which will add class, sophistication and value to your bathroom. But the question remains of how to pick the right shower doors?

There are three basic types of shower doors available. Folding doors that open in or outwards are the most basic type. Before you choose this type of door you need to make sure of available space. These shower doors need to be able to open outwards, but of course they must not knock into your other bathroom features like rails or basins.

Sliding shower doors are ideal as they can fit on top of a tub or as part of a cubicle. These are great for saving space but can be tricky to keep clean. Concertina shower doors also help you save space and don’t run on a track that you need to step over.

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