Thoughts on installing a wet room

A wet room can be a great way to bring extra bathroom facilities to your home. If a wet room appeals to you, what you get is one giant, fully waterproofed shower. You don’t have to confine your activities to one small area of the room. You can use the whole room and the water runs away through a drain in the floor.

Wet rooms can be fitted into the largest and smallest of rooms. These days space is at a premium in most houses but, for a functioning wetroom, all you need is one square metre of space.

The most important aspect of installing a wetroom is that the room should be completely waterproofed. This is done by means of a special lining, or tank. Any leaks can cause damage to the structure of your home so doing this part right is vital.

The tiles you choose will have a bearing on your wet room as they can cover all the walls and floor. Smaller tiles mean more gaps, more grouting and therefore more maintenance over time so many people choose larger tiles for ease of care.

The greatest benefit of a wet room is that they afford you lots of options. For instance the size and selection of a shower head needn’t be curbed as, in a wetroom, you can fit overhead shower heads or wall jets.

If you are considering fitting out your bathroom as a wet room, remember that this is pure opulence. What you get is only limited by your imagination and your budget.

Wet rooms are incredibly good looking, easy to clean and are can add some value to any home if you are thinking of selling at some point in the future.

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