Wet room basics

Wet rooms are quite a recent development in home bathrooms. Although in some form the idea has been around for a while, wet rooms are now becoming ever more popular as more people realise the benefits. So what is a wet room, what is in it for you?

A Wet room is a step away from a conventional shower which changes your entire bathroom. Simply put, a wet room means that you integrate your shower area with the rest of your bathroom. The most noticeable difference is that there is no separation between the floor of the ‘wet’ area and the rest of the floor in the bathroom. That means no step, lip or shower tray.

Wetting your appetite

So what do you do about all that water on the floor? The floor has clever gradients in it that are not steep enough to overbalance you, but enough to channel the water properly. The water is channelled to drains without escaping over the entire bathroom floor.

Here at Bathroom2u, we have a wide selection of wet room kits and accessories that will get you on your way. The obvious advantage of wet rooms is that they are safer for some users than showers. There is no stepping up into or down out of a small cubicle. The second advantage in favour of wetrooms is that they make great use of available space. Many people choose to make a wet room in addition to their existing bathroom, which provides extra bathing facilities and can increase the value of your home. The beauty of wetrooms is that they can be created in a small area which was maybe previously unused space in your house.

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