Wet rooms give your home a new lease of life

Traditionally, showers are enclosed cubicles or the old-fashioned shower ‘over the bath’ type where you stand in the bath to take a shower. Showering options have come a long way in the past few years. Wet rooms are fast becoming a luxurious trend for new build homes, bathroom upgrades and remodelling.

Some people go to the next level with a wet room, which is literally an entire room that can be used as a shower. Mostly though, people refer to wet rooms as a type of walk-in shower that does not have the more traditional shower block and enclosing doors.

Wet rooms are both functional and stylish, and wet room panels come in a huge variety of styles and designs. Bathroom2U stocks a large selection of wet room panels to transform a bathroom from drab and dull to chic and sophisticated in no time at all.

Stylish functional benefits

The first great benefit that wet rooms bring is the fact that you do not have to climb into a shower stall or bath. You simply walk into the showering space. This is of great benefit to anyone who has mobility problems. Wet room panels are airy and can give the impression of more space, which is great for modern bathrooms which can be a little on the small side.

Wet room panels can fit into any existing bathroom decor because they come in so many designs and styles. Frameless wet room panels are perfect to place into most bathrooms as they are simply sheer glass panels. Some of the most popular designs of wet room panels are sleek and simple with a minimalistic look, which adds a touch of class to any bathroom.

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