Wet rooms offer many advantages

Wet rooms are the new buzz for modern home owners. What they basically are is a shower that is integrated into the entire bathroom instead of being glassed into a small space in the corner. Once you open your bathroom door you step straight into a fully waterproofed shower.

They are designed in a way that allows water to drain away, thanks to subtle gradients in the floor. Contrary to what many may imagine, you are not left wading through puddles after your shower.

A wet room has the ability to completely transform the look of a bathroom, taking it from a standard looking area to a modern high-tech addition which any home can benefit from.

Wet room design is extremely versatile too. They allow one to install a simple glass screen to reduce splashing if necessary. This feature alone can be highly attractive. As these panels and screens don’t move, they can be curved and come in a variety of shapes, designs and sizes.

A wet room can also be designed without any doors, which gives them an open-plan feel and look that can be especially attractive in en-suite bathrooms.

One has to ensure that the system being installed is reputable, like those we stock at Bathroom2u. The floor needs to be suitably amended for drainage and that the room is completely waterproofed to prevent leakages.

Apart from that, wet rooms are simple, yet stylish and contemporary. They are fantastic for small bathrooms or second bathrooms, and can help to increase the value of your home. They are safe and are easy to clean, so can become a great bathroom solution for many people.

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