All things bright and funky

If you’re looking for a quick fix to revamp your tired bathroom and inject some much needed panache then we have the very thing at Bathroom2u. Our Rainbow range of bathroom accessories does exactly what it says on the tin: by bringing all the colours of the rainbow into your once dreary bathroom, this selection of accessories will brighten any scheme and refresh any decor.

We’ve even included toilet brushes and tumblers in the Rainbow range so it’s possible to really draw all of the design elements together to form a completely new look. If it’s all the finishing touches you’re looking for we have them all covered. Whether it’s our funky soap dishes, trendy tumblers, stylish soap dispensers or even our über-cool toilet brushes, we’ve got streamline designs in eight striking colours: red, yellow, pink, green, orange, blue, white and black. Now even your toilet brush will be something to show off rather than hide-away behind the toilet!

The beauty of this range is that there’s no need to redecorate to get a whole new look. Just by choosing one of the eight options as an accent colour to complement your existing bathroom decor you can add a bright and funky twist to your design scheme and give the feel of a completely new room. Of course if you are planning to start from scratch and redecorate then you could use our Rainbow range as your inspiration to create a dazzling and fashionable bathing experience.

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