Bathroom cabinets ideal for more storage

Whether you are looking to completely redesign your bathroom or you want to update it and give it a little makeover, re-assessing how you use the bathroom and changing the storage can give it a whole new feel.

Cluttered bathrooms generally look more untidy and old bottles of shampoo or shower gel can start to look a little dirty when left on the side of the bath. With today’s preferences leaning towards the clean and simple lines of a modern bathroom, clutter on display is a real no-no.

At Bathroom2u, we find that our bathroom cabinets are highly popular for this reason alone and we have a huge variety of designs to help you find the one to reflect your style and suit your bathroom.

You first need to assess how much storage space you need and where it will be best situated within the bathroom. Bathroom cabinets come in many styles nowadays, including the traditional wooden unit with a mirror to hang over the sink. However, there are now also sleek and modern mirrored bathroom cabinets that fit snugly in the corner of the room, so you could hang the cabinet in the corner where it will be easily accessible from the shower. You might want another over the sink or even in the corner by the toilet or towels.

Consider the height, width and depth and how much room is needed. Many modern bathrooms have more than one bathroom cabinet nowadays. Bathroom storage cabinets are available in a wide range of materials and with different handles or openings and at Bathroom2u, we have them all.

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