Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

Bathroom fixtures can just sit there unnoticed or be a crucial element which changes or accentuates the look of your home. At Bathroom2u, we can help you change your accessories and fixtures and bring an entirely new look to your bathroom.

If you are not so well versed in bathroom fixtures, you can simply ask us what sort of fixtures we have – they fall into roughly two categories, modern and traditional. Modern fixtures are characterized by their streamlined look which is sometimes angular in nature. They work best in a minimal, modern style of décor and have become highly popular over the last few years. On the other hand, traditional bathroom fixtures have a more ornate look and fit better into antique, colonial and other classic styles of homes, although it has been known for people to want a traditional bathroom in a modern home.

Traditional fixtures tend to have floral patterns and fluting, for example on the bath panel or side of the bathroom sink, while a modern bathroom fixture leans more towards geometric patterns and swirls. Traditional bathrooms are well suited to a claw foot tub or a tub on an elongated pedestal style base. A pedestal sink, or a sink which shows off the plumbing itself is a good choice for a modern look, while marble sinks are great for traditional decorating schemes. Your shower doors and even your toilet can be designed to fit the style you are trying to achieve in your bathroom.

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