Enhancing Bathroom Sinks

More than any other piece of bathroom furniture, it is the bathroom sink that gets the most use. As a result there are almost limitless options available to you and at Bathroom2u, we are able to offer an almost limitless range to help you decide what you want.

The first choice is probably whether you want free standing sinks or a vanity-mounted sink. Free standing sinks are still mounted on the wall, and they may come without or even without a pedestal to provide additional support, but the basin is exposed to view.

The only downside to a freestanding bathroom sink is there is no additional storage underneath however, it does offer a clean, modern and open look and for the smaller bathroom, it can make the room feel more spacious as it exposes more of the wall and floor.

For those who may like more storage space for personal items, then you could choose a bathroom sink with some built-in counter space. Vanity-mounted bathroom sinks add storage space and offer endless design possibilities.

There are options of ready-made sinks with different mounting options such as self-rimming sinks that sit on a countertop. There are also those that sit below the counter called under-mounted sinks and these emphasise the countertop rather than the sink itself.

For a smooth and clean, modern appearance, there are bathroom sinks are integrated into the countertop. Vessel sinks are those that sit on top of the counter and level with the drain; this sort of bathroom sink has become increasingly popular in recent years for the ultra-modern bathroom.

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