Guide to Bathroom Renovations

When a property is on the market, most potential buyers will compare the house to others in the local area. Naturally, buyers are looking for the right price and many like to purchase a property that is already updated to modern standards so they have to do less.

As estate agents will testify, many potential buyers want either a plain bathroom that they can change to suit their tastes with accessories at a low budget or a modern or traditional bathroom that already matches their tastes. As a result, a bathroom adds value to a home’s resale value.

Modern bathrooms tend to have additional extras that are not in the everyday bathroom such as showers with rainmaker showerheads or massage jets, steam capabilities or even a bath complete with whirlpool jets. Many buyers view these luxuries as a selling feature. Wetrooms are also very popular.

At Bathroom2u, we offer a wide range of improvements to allow you to improve the appearance of your bathroom, increase its value and/or help your property to stand out.

If you are doing the bathroom redesign to help sell a property, then you do not want to spend too much, so ideas like installing a new bath panel, looking at new shower doors or shower valves or even bathroom cabinets could be what you need. At Bathroom2u, we stock a vast choice in any of these items, ranging from the value for money range suitable for a simple makeover, to the latest in bathroom gadgets for the ultimate in bathroom luxury.

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