Installing Wetrooms

Wetrooms have become increasingly popular in recent years as people have turned to taking more showers than baths or like the modern look of wetrooms.

A wetroom is a whole room or space that is solely for the purpose of showering. With the property boom we have seen, and indeed with the following recession, this has only highlighted to people how a good bathroom design will add value to a property in whatever economic climate and the same can be said of installing wetrooms.

A well-designed wetroom really enhances a property as well as the selling price. For those with the space, many even opt to have both a conventional bathroom and a wetroom as well. There are different ways to build wetrooms, however, the principle goal is to firstly build a waterproof membrane and then to provide adequate and effective drainage. The tanking, otherwise called waterproof lining, can be made from fibreglass. Vinyl sheeting is another viable solution although fibreglass is generally more common.

When the tanking is complete, the render and polymer-based product is to follow. Tiles are placed on top to help protect against leaks and to give the look desired for the overall effect. Usually, these are made from a non-slip material.

Wetrooms are perfect for smaller spaces and mean no slipping in the bath or shower cubicle, as well as no shower curtain or cubicle door to battle with.

At Bathroom2u, we have a range of wetroom kits and panels for wetrooms suitable for any size of space.

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