Redesigning Your Bathroom

When you re-design your bathroom, it is important not to forget the small yet important matter of the fixtures and fittings around the bathroom furniture, as accessorising is a necessity nowadays – and certainly in the bathroom where visitors will see your belongings and your newly designed bathroom.

It is certainly not enough to make sure the bathroom taps are modern and the bathroom cabinets suit the décor. Nowadays, you should consider all the choices available to you and at Bathrooms 2U, we can help with those decisions.

To make a bold statement, why not try our new Rainbow range of accessories? We have soap dishes, dispensers and toilet brushes in a wide range of bright and funky colours including green, red, yellow, orange and purple amongst others.

You may also want to put up a mirror as these are perfect to open up a smaller area and give an illusion of extra space and reflect light.

The bathroom taps and bathroom cabinets do play a large role in the new bathroom design, but if you want to be able to change the look of your bathroom at a later stage without incurring too much additional cost, then you can choose the modern or traditional overall look using the bathroom taps, furniture and bathroom cabinets but alter the colour scheme using smaller accessories like our Rainbow collection.

Choosing the right accessories and lighting can make all the difference in any bathroom and can change the look completely, simply by introducing new colours or new textures.

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