Turning your Bathroom into a Wet Room

Wetrooms are the buzz word in modern bathroom design and should you decide to take the plunge and follow the trend, here at Bathroom2u we have everything you’ll need to turn your bathroom into a wet room. Our range of DIY Wet Room Kits can really help to lower the cost and make the process straightforward for you. We’ve also got panels and drains to complete your bathroom makeover.

The principle behind wetrooms is simple: the shower is integral to the room and instead of having a tray or draining the water away through the bath, the floor houses the plug hole and therefore gives you the most flexibility with the space you have available. Wetrooms can be a great deal safer than the more traditional style of bathroom shower arrangement.

For example, there are no trip hazards such as the bath or the edge of the shower tray as you step out and no doors or shower curtains to clean. In fact cleaning your wetroom should be easy as there’s no need to worry about getting water on the floor or up the walls. Once you’re done, everything simply drains away; wet rooms are totally sealed and completely watertight.

The floor of your wetroom must have an appropriate slight inbuilt slope to enable efficient water drainage rather than a large puddle in the middle of the room. Our wetroom kits have everything you need to lay the correct membrane and we also stock several different kinds of drain to match your needs.

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