Limited space? Bi-folding shower doors are the answer

The top reason people choose bi-fold shower doors is because they can be fitted in very limited spaces. So often people want to put a shower in, but the available space will not accommodate large showers or doors that have to open outwards. Bi-fold shower doors are perfect for such spaces and also eliminate the problem of water dripping when a door is opened outwards.

Bi-fold shower doors are the perfect solution for bathroom conversions and extensions as well. We stock bi-fold doors in various sizes to benefit people with different sized spaces. The most popular colours are white and silver bi-fold shower doors and the best seller is clear glass.

Bi-fold doors are not only practical, they fit into any type of bathroom design and look good in both small and large bathrooms. We stock the Identiti and Prestige ranges of bi-fold shower doors in various styles, which are two of the leading brands in the UK and known for their high quality.

Practical with ease of operation

Another reason bi-fold shower doors are so popular is because they come in two different shower tray sizes; standard and slim line. This makes it easier for people with mobility problems to enter and exit the shower enclosure when the bi-fold doors have been used with a slim line shower tray.

All the bi-fold shower doors that we offer are of toughened glass and adhere to UK safety standards. So when you are thinking of adding a shower to a bathroom or have an extra space that can be converted to a shower, bi-fold doors are perfect for the job.

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