What Do I Need For A Wetroom?

Wetrooms are becoming increasingly popular, since they offer a practical solution in terms of space and accessibility, as well as adding the feel of freedom and luxury. The wonderful sense of space creates a truly interesting dimension to your bathroom, and here at Bathroom2u we have all the equipment you need to create your very own wetrooms.

If the light in your wetroom is limited, which can often be the case in small, windowless rooms, maximise the sense of space and light by choosing a light-shaded floor finish. Large, natural tiles, smooth in texture (although non-slip) work best in this instance. Try to avoid using small dark tiles as they will have the opposite effect. Mirrors will also enhance the impression of space in your wetrooms, so are a worthwhile addition. Lighting is an essential element, and obviously need to be waterproof. Use halogen lighting for the ceiling lights, and LED lighting for wall and floor lights. Good ventilation is also must, otherwise you can be left with an undesired steam room effect.

Larger bathrooms suit muted tones and colours, and allow for more textural freedom. Mosaics work well to create an interesting effect without looking too busy. Many prefer under floor heating in larger wet rooms, in addition to heated towel rails and radiators.

At Bathroom2u we have wetroom kits, which act as wet rooms in a box and are a great way to get started. Also available are tanking and waterproofing kits, clear and satinised wetroom panels and drainage systems.

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