Accessing Your Bathroom With Ease

Having a bathroom with maximum accessibility is not only convenient, but can be very important, particularly for children, the elderly or those with a disability. At Bathroom2u we have a range of products that cater for any access requirements, ranging from wetrooms and shower doors to walk in baths.

Wetrooms are an increasingly popular choice, improving accessibility and creating a stylish and contemporary finish to your bathroom. A wetroom has drainage in the floor, which is set to a gradient. As a result there is no need for a shower enclosure, which subsequently opens up the bathroom space. Converting your bathroom space is easy with the range of wetroom kits, tanking kits and wetroom panels available.

Hinge and pivot shower doors are the best choice in terms of accessibility, as they open outwards, allowing you to climb in with maximum ease. Sliding doors are also a viable option and as an added advantage are economic on space.

Walk in baths are excellent for particular access requirements. They have a door fitted to the side panel so there is no need to climb into the bath, which can be especially difficult with the risk of a wet, slippery floor. Whilst particularly good for the elderly or those with a disability, accidents are incredibly common and walk in baths provide a safe option for all ages.

At Bathroom2u we have solutions for any access requirements, all available in a wide range of designs, to help you create the bathroom you want and need.

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