Add A Little Warmth To Your Bathroom

In the winter months the bathroom plays a very important role, as an escape to warmth and luxury after day in the icy air. A long, hot bath or shower will get the circulation going again, however you do not want to be faced with a less than welcoming, freezing cold bathroom once your bath or shower has finished. These days there are a range of bathroom heating options, from heated towel rails to underfloor heating, to ensure that your bathroom maintains the cosy warmth throughout.

Heated towel rails take up very little space, unlike traditional clunky radiators, and are an economic way to add style as well as luxury to your bathroom. They come in either chrome or white finishes, so your choice will be dependent on your design. For example, if you have chrome bathroom taps you might want to complement them with a chrome towel rail, whereas a white bathroom suite might benefit aesthetically from a white towel rail.

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for wetrooms. Using either cable fitted underneath the bathroom floor, or mats with the cables already fitted, underfloor heating can be easily installed into bathrooms or wetrooms and are a further step toward maximising space. Furthermore, by heating the room at a lower temperature it could save you money on your heating bills in the long run.

At Bathroom2u, we provide heated towel rails and equipment for underfloor heating, all of which will give your bathroom essential warmth with a stylish finish.

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