Bathroom Lighting – An End To A Gloomy Room

An inefficiently lit bathroom can be extremely unwelcoming, particularly since the bathroom itself is a room for pampering, putting on make up or shaving before a night out. Bad lighting make such practicalities very difficult, as well as giving the bathroom a gloomy appearance. We have a range of bathroom lighting equipment to light entire bathrooms, or provide subtler improvements to ensure a well lit and welcoming space.

Ceiling lights create excellent direct lighting, giving an even spread of light across the entire room. Smaller bathrooms may benefit from a central ceiling fixture, whereas a larger room can gain advantage from ceiling spotlights which are multi-directional and can point at particular points of convenience, such as the bathroom mirror or the sink. Down lights are also fitted to the ceiling, however the beam is more focused, and are useful if you wish to provide strong light to a single area. Wall lights have a stylish appearance, and come in both horizontal and vertical light fittings.

A further way to light your bathroom can be by installing illuminated bathroom mirrors or bathroom cabinets. Illuminated bathroom mirrors create that essential lighting for shaving or make up, as do illuminated bathroom cabinets, but with the added advantage of storage.

Another area to consider is your shower, and there are a variety of shower lights available in chrome, stainless steel or white finishes, with many shapes and designs.

At Bathroom2u we have lighting to suit any bathroom, so you can see and enjoy your bathroom space in all its glory.

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