Bathroom Mirrors – Embrace The Space

A cramped and dimly lit bathroom is never appealing, and far from being a place of relaxation can make a bathroom appear cold and uninviting. However there are ways to improve light and space, which can be achieved through the installation of bathroom mirrors. At Bathroom2u we have a range of bathroom mirrors to help you bring a sense of brightness to your bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors will enhance the appearance of space in your bathroom by the illusion of reflection, which opens up the room and creates a wider sense of space. They also augment your bathroom lighting by reflection, with the light bouncing off the surface of the mirror. If you are using mirrors to improve light and space, chances are you do not want something too large that will end up taking up more space than it saves. Wall hung mirrors are the best bet, and come in a range of shapes and sizes.

Bathroom cabinets with mirrored fronts are also available and are a great way to kill two birds with one stone, solving storage needs at the same time as providing wall hung mirroring. Again for smaller bathrooms you might wish to consider a corner cabinet to save on space.

Illuminated Mirrors and bathroom cabinets are also available, so not only do you get the benefit of reflection, but added lighting which can be ideal for shaving or make up application.

At Bathroom2u we have a variety of bathroom mirrors and mirrored bathroom cabinets that can help a small dingy bathroom to become a bright open space.

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