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Bathroom tap design has leapt forward in recent years, and taps are now an integral feature of bathroom décor. At Bathroom2u we have a wide selection of bathroom taps available with contemporary designs and features, alongside traditional styles with updated functions.

When choosing taps for your bathroom it a good idea to replace basin taps, bath taps and any others such as bath shower mixer taps at the same time. Changing them separately will leave your bathroom looking uncoordinated, and you run the risk of certain styles becoming unavailable.

For your basin, you need to make note of whether there are one or two tap holes, otherwise you may end up with the wrong choice of taps entirely. Many basins now have one hole, therefore requiring a mixer tap, which is a single tap from which you adjust temperature or pressure. There are many modern designs in sleek chrome, or black and white finishes. You can even go for infra red taps which are movement sensitive and switch on using a sensor.

There are also a range of contemporary two tap designs for both the bath and basin, again available with stylish finishes to suit a variety of tastes.

As well as changing taps, there are endless bathroom accessories that can add to your design and contribute to the style of your bathroom. At Bathroom2u we stock simple, affordable features such as side valves, cistern levers, standpipes, shrouds and many more necessary bathroom elements that can be used to complete your overall look.

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