Shower Doors To Suit Your Space

Creating your perfect bathroom space requires careful consideration and planning, to ensure that you are get the most out of your bathroom both practically and aesthetically. Shower doors are a bathroom feature that can have a big bearing on how you space is utilized, and at Bathroom2u we have a range of shower doors available to suit any bathroom size.

If your bathroom is small, the last thing you want after showering is to have to manoeuvre your way awkwardly around the shower door. Rather than having an outward opening door, which will use up necessary space, opt for either an ‘inswing’, bi-fold or sliding shower door. ‘Inswing’ doors open inwards, whereas bi-fold doors tuck neatly to the side of the shower enclosure. Bi-fold and sliding doors are particularly good if your shower enclosure is small, as an ‘inswing’ door may make exiting the shower difficult.

Quadrant shower doors are sliding and economical on space thanks to their curved shape. They not only look stylish, but allow the shower enclosure to fit neatly into the corner of the bathroom.

Pivot and hinge shower doors are suitable for larger bathrooms, since they open outwards. The advantage of this is that they give easy access to the shower, so are particularly suitable for anyone with specific access requirements.

At Bathroom2u we have shower doors in a range of styles and designs, so whatever the size of your bathroom, you can easily find the shower door to suit you. It is attention to detail and getting the basics just right which can make your bathroom really special.

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