Showering In Style

These days most people will shower at least once a day, and the experience should be as refreshing as it is cleansing. A weak or temperamental shower is not only irritating, but takes the joy out of showering. At Bathroom2u we have a large range of electric showers, power showers and thermostatic showers, which promise a highly efficient and pleasurable showering experience.

Electric showers draw cold water from you domestic supply and heat it as it flows to the shower head, essentially acting like a water heater. As the water is only heated when the shower is used, electric showers are extremely economical, and still function should your boiler stop working. Electric showers do not have a pump, so the pressure will be reliant on your mains water pressure.

Power showers give you a powerful, invigorating flow of water. The effect is a revitalising shower particularly good for waking you up in the morning. Power showers can also give a therapeutic massage effect.

Thermostatic showers are set to a certain flow so will not be affected by changes in pressure from your mains water supply, and keep an even temperature that prevents scalding or freezing.

If your budget will not stretch to a new shower unit, you can make affordable changes by updating your shower valves. Shower valves come with varying functions, including thermostatic shower valves, and the effect will be a highly improved performance at a low cost.

At Bathroom2u we have a wide variety of showers and shower valves to upgrade your shower to the level you desire.

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