Underfloor Heating – The Heat Is On

Underfloor heating is a highly effective and economic procedure, and as such is becoming increasingly popular. With underfloor heating you can free up the space in your bathroom, and ensure an even spread of warmth throughout. Nowadays, it is possible to have underfloor heating kits to suit any floor and bathroom size.

Underfloor heating is often fitted into wetrooms, since it contributes to the openness of the room by alleviating the need for radiators. As wetrooms often require floor adjustment to set the gradient for drainage, it makes perfect sense to install underfloor heating at the same time. It can be fitted to any bathroom, and at a low cost. Cable kits provide the heating cables which are then fitted beneath the floor tiles. Theses are the cheapest option and as such are particularly good if you are heating a large bathroom. Alternatively you can spend a little more and get mats with the cable already fitted, which simply need to be cut to size and fitted to your bathroom floor. You can also purchase underfloor heating insulation boards at a low cost to support your underfloor system.

Underfloor heating may seem like an unnecessary expense, but in actual fact installation is no more expensive than fitting radiators, and as underfloor heating maintains the warmth whilst being set at a lower temperature, the overall cost could well be slightly cheaper.

At Bathroom2u we have underfloor heating kits from trusted manufacturers, and whether it is bathrooms or wetrooms you possess, you will be able to find the system to suit you.

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