Vamp Up Your Shower Valves – Improve Your Shower Experience At A Low Cost

With the current economic climate, it can be unrealistic to plan the replacement of your entire shower unit. However there is a low budget solution which will not only vamp up the appearance of your shower, but will also significantly improve its performance. This can be achieved by the simple replacement of shower valves. If you are in the know there is a wide selection of manual, diverter and thermostatic valves to help you maximise the performance of your shower.

Before choosing the type of shower valve, you need to decide between exposed or concealed valves. Exposed valves are exactly as they sound, protruding from the wall, whilst concealed valves only reveal the lever. Both are available in stylish contemporary or traditional chrome designs and can easily be fitted to the decor of your bathroom.

Manual shower valves are the most basic, and require adjustment to achieve temperature and pressure. Diverter valves enable you divert water between two outlets, for example a hand held and fixed shower head. Thermostatic shower valves are the most advanced, controlling both pressure and temperature by making automatic adjustments to the flow, so there is no need to jump in and out of the shower trying to achieve the correct temperature.

There are many different shower valves to choose from. At Bathroom2u we have shower valves in a range of styles and levels of performance, all from first-rate bathroom manufacturers, to give your shower an economical, high quality upgrade. When your budget is restricted due to circumstances beyond your control, this can be a prudent step.

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