Wetrooms – The Way Forward

As the time for a change arises, increasingly people are opting to convert their bathroom space into wetrooms. Wetrooms give the bathroom a contemporary feel, with ample space to relax and unwind after a hard day, or refresh before a night out. At Bathroom2u we have wetroom packages and equipment available to help you upgrade and update your bathroom.

Wetrooms ordinarily consist of a shower, lavatory and washbasin. Baths are not often installed in wetrooms with the drainage in the floor, which benefits your shower in the sense that there is no need for a space consuming shower enclosure or shower tray. A lot of people tend to have a bath installed in a separate room since it does not benefit from the drainage and can take up valuable space in a smaller wetroom.

The floor needs to be set to a gradient to allow the water to drain. When this is achieved the room will need ‘tanking’ which essentially means making it watertight. Use good adhesives to maintain the quality of your wetroom. Part of the luxury of the wetroom is the ability to shower freely without worry of water spillage, so be sure to install a decent power shower to reap the full benefits. When choosing sanitary fittings bear and mind that they are for a permanently wet area and must be suitable for this environment. LED and halogen lighting are a must, and should be fixed into the ceiling or wall.

At Bathroom2u we have all the necessities to create your wetroom and bring your bathroom space into the future.

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