Go Chic With Shower Valves

During these uncertain economic times, revamping your bathroom may be a stretch too far if you are on a tight budget. Even replacing your shower might be an excessive expense. However, you can improve the look and performance of your shower easily and affordably by simply replacing your shower valves. In the postmodern age, there are a wide range of shower valves in a number of designs, to raise the appearance and function of your shower.

Shower valves come in exposed or concealed designs. Exposed valves are simply fixed to the wall, whereas concealed ones are fixed into the wall with just the controls visible. Once you have decided the style of your shower valves, you can then choose the specific function. Manual valves allow you to control flow and temperature yourself, whereas thermostatic valves can be set to a specific pressure and temperature, avoiding the risk of scalding or a sudden lack of flow. Diverter valves on the other hand allow you to switch the flow of water between your bath taps and shower. Non-concussive shower valves have an easy push button that switches of automatically, usually after about thirty seconds, thus saving on your water supply.

Shower valves can be found in a variety of sleek, contemporary designs, and can make a big difference at a low cost. In fact shower valves are just one of the many affordable improvements that you can make to your bathroom. At Bathroom2u we have a range of products and equipment to give your bathroom a makeover without breaking the bank.

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