Shower Chic – Style Your Shower

Today almost every household has a shower facility, providing a quick, revitalising and efficient way to wash: perfect for a wake up call in the morning or a luxurious cleanse to wind down in the evening. They design of your shower will have a big influence on the look of your bathroom, and it is important to choose the style that not only suits the functions you require but also fits your bathroom décor.

If you currently use a shower curtain, you probably find that it often sticks to you, can leak water if not positioned properly, and gathers mildew which makes it look unpleasant. By replacing your shower curtain with a bath shower screen you will minimise water leakage, particularly if you have a strong shower spray. The toughened safety glass is also more attractive in appearance and it is easy to clean. You can even get folding bath shower screens that tuck neatly away giving the room a more open appearance.

For shower enclosures there are a range of shower doors to choose from. Inswing and bifold doors take up little room and are ideal for smaller bathrooms. Sliding shower doors also use minimal space and are available in flat or curved (known as quadrant) styles, and have a particularly contemporary look. For larger bathrooms you may want to consider hinge or pivot shower doors, which open outwards for maximum accessibility.

Whatever your style and requirements, at Bathroom2u we have bath shower screens and shower doors suited to the size and design of any bathroom.

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