Shower Enclosures – Simple Showering

Many people opt for a quick and easy shower over a time-consuming bath nowadays. Shower enclosures allow for quick, simple bathing, and the industry now provides a wide selection of shower enclosures, as well as a range of shower doors, so that you can choose and design the ideal shower for your bathroom.

Shower enclosures act as an independent shower unit, and an alternative to bath shower units. They consist of a shower tray surrounded by glass walls, and are fixed to a corner or wall of your bathroom. Shower enclosures will have one or two shower doors, of which there are a number of styles to suit particular requirements.

The advantages of shower enclosures are that they provide a fast and simple way to bathe, and can be economical on space should you choose a shower enclosure instead of a bath. Furthermore, they can have a real impact on your bathroom design. Choosing the right shower doors for your enclosure is essential. For example, inswing, bifold and sliding shower doors are ideal for the smaller bathroom since they do not open outwards and utilise valuable space. Pivot and hinge doors on the other hand do open outwards, but allow for excellent accessibility. Quadrant shower enclosures are curved, and give a particularly contemporary feel to your bathroom. They have sliding doors and are again economical on space.

At Bathroom2u we understand the need for safe and simple showering, and have shower enclosures and shower doors to fit the size and design of any bathroom.

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