Sublime Bath Time

These days the majority of households use their shower more frequently than their bath, given that it is a swift and refreshing way to cleanse. As such, baths have become increasingly designed for indulgent relaxation when you have time to spend bathing in comfort, perhaps after a long day at work. At Bathroom2u we have a range of baths in a selection of designs that will enable you to soak in style and luxury.

There are many different styles of bath to choose from and you personal choice will be largely dependent upon the size of your bathroom. Many bathrooms have baths fitted into one corner, with only one or two bath panels exposed, therefore taking up a minimum amount of space. Rectangular baths are the most traditional and you can now buy twin ended rectangular baths that allow you to relax at either end of the tub. Corner baths are particularly space efficient, and their contemporary design will give your bathroom a significantly modern look. Freestanding roll top baths have enjoyed a renaissance of late and their unique design will give any bathroom a stylish appearance.

If your bathroom cannot accommodate a separate bath and shower enclosure, shower baths take up only as much room as a bath tub, with a shower unit fixed at one end. These are an extremely popular choice amongst homeowners, and come in a range of sizes, shapes and styles.

At Bathroom2u we have a range of baths to choose from, and accompanying accessories such as bathroom taps, shower valves, bathroom furniture and much more to help you create your sublime bathroom haven.

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