Underfloor Heating – Feel The Heat Beneath Your Feet

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms and wetrooms, as a way of maintaining consistent warmth throughout the room without the use of radiators. It is not unusual these days to have underfloor heating kits with simple installation to help you add that extra sense of luxury to your bathroom or wetroom.

Underfloor heating can be fitted to any concrete or timber based floor. There are a number of advantages to underfloor heating. Firstly, they can maintain the spread of warmth throughout the room whilst being set at a lower temperature, which could save you money on your heating bills in the long term. They also free up the space in your bathroom, since you will no longer require clunky radiators to keep warm. Furthermore, underfloor heating also dries the floor quickly as the heat rises up from underneath, which makes it particularly beneficial to wetrooms.

Underfloor heating can be installed in two ways. One way is by laying heat cables under the tiles or floorboards, which are flexible and can fit to the size and shape of any bathroom. Alternatively you can use underfloor heating mats, which have cables already attached, and can be laid and cut to fit the floor space. Underfloor heating insulation boards can also be installed, and at a low cost, to stop any heat escaping unnecessarily.

At Bathroom2u we have underfloor heating kits for bathrooms at wetrooms that are economical, and create the sense of warmth, space and luxury.

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