Walk Into The Future With A Wetroom

Wetrooms are becoming increasingly popular given their stylish, contemporary feel. The sense of luxury created from a wetroom is largely based on the freedom that you have to move about the bathroom, and ability to shower without the restriction of an enclosure or shower tray. At Bathroom2u we have a wide range of equipment to help you build the perfect wetroom to suit your taste.

One of the main advantages of a wetroom is the accessibility. Wetrooms are, more often than not, built with a shower unit and no bath, and since the shower needs no enclosure or tray the room becomes extremely spacious and relaxing. The drainage is fitted into the bathroom floor, which needs to be set to a gradient to allow the water to drain efficiently. Underfloor heating is a must for wetrooms. Simple to install, it creates an even spread of warmth throughout the room. Furthermore, underfloor heating is extremely economical since it maintains heat whilst set at a lower temperature than radiators or heated towel rains.

In some contemporary wetrooms a gravity drain or steep gradient is not feasible. In this instance you can opt for wetroom decks, which are a baseboard floor-former designed to allow a discreet wet floor gradient.

LED or halogen lighting is essential for wetrooms. Look also at de-mist mirrors which, as they sound, automatically de-mist – handy for a steamy wetroom.

At Bathroom2u we have all the equipment necessary to build your wetroom, and a range of accessories and lighting, so that you can turn your bathroom into a contemporary and luxurious haven.

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