Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Spacious

A cluttered or cramped bathroom does little to create the desired sense of relaxation and luxury. Space and accessibility in the bathroom not only improves the look and feel of your bathroom space, but can be a necessity in terms of safety, particularly for children, the elderly, or those with a disability. Nowadays, modern suppliers can everything from showers doors to equipment for wetrooms that create maximum accessibility when using your bathroom.

Accessibility mainly becomes an issue with regards to bathing or showering. There is a lot of scope for injury in the bathroom, with slippery floors posing a constant hazard. Walk in baths provide excellent access, with no need to climb into the bath itself. For your shower, choose hinge or pivot shower doors which open outwards and give easy accessibility. If your bathroom is too small to accommodate outward swinging doors, bifold or sliding shower doors fold or slide to the side, or you can even get twin pivoting bifold doors for optimum access.

Wetrooms come highly recommended as a way of improving the accessibility of your bathroom. Generally, wetrooms tend to consist of a shower and no bath, which in itself immediately frees up the space in the room. As the water drains into the floor in a wetroom, there is also no need for a space consuming shower enclosure or tray. Add to your wetroom underfloor heating, and you will no longer require radiators to the room thus freeing up the space even further.

At Bathroom2u we have all you need to give your bathroom maximum accessibility.

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