How to Clean a Shower

Modern showers are fantastic pieces of technology and are unrivalled in terms of their efficiency and cleaning ability. However, they are still prone to certain time-honoured hygiene issues, such as limescale or scum. Luckily, however, there are plenty of cleaning techniques and modern cleaning materials to banish those unpleasant problems to posterity!

The first and perhaps obvious step you should take before you start scrubbing your shower is to remove all of your various shampoos and gels, which will have the immediate effect of preventing things falling on your head as you clean in the enclosed space.

Next you should give your shower a superficial wash, just with water, in order to expunge all that superficial dirt from your shower valves or shower tray, such as hair particles.

Next you should go straight for the mildew, preferably with a specially formulated mildew cleansing product, remembering to get right into those tight spaces such as around the shower valves and plughole.

Next you should remove any water stains; a great solution for doing this is one part hot water and one part vinegar, which should remove those difficult stains.

When cleaning the tiles on your bathrooms you should leave the shower running until it creates steam, which will help to remove any tile-marks, and make the cleaning process that little bit easier.

If you want a truly thorough clean then you could unscrew shower heads (after switching it off!) and give the shower valves and head a thorough scrub with an appropriate cleaning product.

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