How to Install a Shower

Showers are intricate devices, and benefit from a wide range of modern developments in order to create an efficient flow. With greater complexity, however, comes some additional difficulty on installation.

First off, it is important to iterate that unless you have confidence in installing showers then you should leave it to the professionals. However, if you want to “do it yourself” then read on!

These guidelines give a brief overview of what is involved in installing frameless shower enclosures, and therefore those wanting to install other types of showers should ignore these instructions.

Firstly you should suspend your glass shower doors from wall brackets, in a fixed wall; next you should install the shower tray, which should be sealed with silicone sealer where the tray meets the tiles (it is vitally important that the shower tray is perfectly level). Next you should fit the enclosure to a tiled surface (not a plastered wall) using silicone sealer to enclose any gaps that may lead to leaking. To finish off showers, you should add shower heads and shower valves, (otherwise it aint a shower!)

Bathroom2u offer a wide range of shower valves, which are essential components if you are installing a shower, and they will also supply you with any other bathroom accessories that you require. Just as a final note, it is worth reiterating that unless your qualified in installing showers or if you are an expert diyer you should get a professional to help.

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