Shower your World

We all love a cool refreshing shower on a hot sticky day, but is your shower looking at you with an icy stare or encouraging you to get your feet wet?

Don’t get steamed up if you are not getting the ‘wow’ factor every time you want to freshen up.  One way of helping your shower out of troubled waters is to keep it clean.  Check the head to see if it is blocked with lime scale. If it is, your water supply could be reduced to a bare trickle.

A good shower should make you want to tread the waters.  Become drawn to your bathroom by complimenting its setting with some stylish bathroom fittings.  Squeaky clean shower doors, shining bathroom mirrors and a de-scaled shower head are all essences which add to your bath time experience.

Don’t forget to check your shower valves.  This has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your shower – no doubt we have all experienced that moment when we reach down to pick up the soap and have accidentally knocked the valve with our elbow, thus making us feel as though we are standing naked in the North Pole as we fumble to bring back the temperature.

We are always looking for new ways to spruce up the bathroom.  Shower valves come in a multitude of different styles and are cheap and easy to replace, so stop your shower from running hot and cold and buy a shiny new replacement today.

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