The Benefits of your own Wetroom

We all appreciate the sense of freedom and space that wetrooms provide, especially when we are abroad or staying in a plush hotel.  For many, the indulgence is too much to leave behind. When we return to the UK we miss the freedom that wetrooms offer. Traditional bathrooms mean having to close the shutters before getting undressed and then confining oneself to a shower on a small shower tray.

Wetrooms work well in hotter countries as the warmer climate dries them out quickly. However, in countries such as the UK, underfloor heating systems are the perfect way to recreate that Barbados feel and prevent any damp problems along the way. Ceramic tiles are used on the flooring, which invariably becomes cold and uninviting to bare feet. Underfloor heating systems make the ground cosier to walk on – especially during the colder months – and bring a touch of the Mediterranean to Britain.

Wetrooms are designed to be spacious and easy to clean, so radiators are no longer essential and can potentially ruin the aesthetics of the room.  Underfloor heating systems can be installed on many types of flooring including tile, wood, concrete and laminate. If you are a DIY enthusiast, there are many under floor heating kits available for a range of bathroom types.  A full range of high quality and value underfloor heating kits are currently available on the Bathroom2u website.

So, to recreate that luxurious holiday feeling of having optimum space whenever you shower, research whether or not a wetroom would be possible in your home. You can then browse the selection available at Bathroom2u, ensuring that you will be recieving the highest quality.

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