The Choice of Shower Doors

Initially, the concept of buying shower doors – either as a replacement or as part of a new bathroom renovation – seems straight-forward. Surprisingly, however, this is quite far from the truth, as there are a wide range of choices available when it comes to choosing a suitable shower door.

The shape of your bath or shower area will determine the options available to you. Although an obvious point, people commonly find themselves leaning towards shower doors that are unsuitable for their shower, as other options seem more practical or simply better looking than the doors that will fit their current set-up. It is often this scenario that prompts those just looking for a replacement shower door to instead undergo a complete bathroom renovation, as the advances in shower doors offer more practicality and innovative aesthetics when compared to older models.

Amongst those stocked here at Bathroom2u are quadrant, sliding, hinge, pivot and bifold shower doors, which are designed to suit an array of shower designs. For example, a quadrant shower door is suitable for a rounded corner shower, whereas hinge shower doors are structured to be opened like any other door.

The space available in your bathroom is also another factor to consider, as well as the preferred material: glass, or plastic. Inswing shower doors are ideal for a smaller bathroom space, as the door is opened into the shower rather than the space in the room.

With such a diverse range available to suit any requirements, make us at Bathroom2u your first port of call for shower doors and any other bathroom accessories.

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