Keeping Bathrooms and Wetrooms Clean

The wetroom is the part of your house that deals with the unclean, so it’s often one of the most difficult places to keep clean – and the most tempting to let be. However, by far the best way to keep wetrooms and bathrooms clean is to give them a quick once over regularly rather than having a big cleaning blitz every so often. Mould is the biggest problem you’re likely to face, and if you let that get a foothold it will be much more difficult to get rid of and prevent from returning.

To prevent mould, give the fixtures where it’s most likely to build up a polish with a sponge or rag dipped in diluted bleach. It doesn’t have to be strong – in fact, let it stay quite weak, because strong bleach is hard on the hands as it is an extremely aggressive chemical. Target surfaces like bathroom cabinets (inside and outside if you can), showers and shower doors – even if they look clean. The bleach is a preventative as well as a cure. Follow the directions on the pack carefully. For regular weekly wetroom cleans, you can even make it up half strength.

Corners are trouble spots, too. Because they are harder to clean and it’s harder to see if they need cleaning, out of the way niches and corners of bathroom cabinets can be havens for mould, and it will spread from there. An old toothbrush is a handy tool for scrubbing out these tricky spots. Again, a diluted bleach solution will prevent mould and other troublesome substances from getting a foothold.

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