Safe Storage for Bathroom Goods

Looking around most bathrooms and wetrooms, you’ll see the majority of the cabinet space is close to the ground. That makes sense, because having all the bulky objects in the room low down makes it seem much more spacious. Lines of sight across the room are clearer, which is great from an interior design point of view. However, there are some bathroom items that are better stored higher up, especially in households with children.

Medicine cabinets are usually situated at the same height as bathroom mirrors – around head to shoulder level for an adult and well out of reach of littler hands. That’s exactly as it should be – easy access for the adults, and no access for small kids.

Washstand bathroom cabinets, though, are often where the problem is. There’s no medicines in there but there are often cleaning products. Bleach, for example, is a very serious poison and accidents do still happen despite the advent of childproof bottle caps. Anyone who has watched an eight year old program their video recorder knows that kids can be pretty good with technical puzzles, and those caps aren’t 100% effective.

If they are already in place, consider rearranging what goes in which bathroom cabinets. It doesn’t matter if the kids get into the towel stack, so keep harmless items on low down shelves and keep the top of the tall corner cabinet for cleaning products, for example. Alternately, put a latch on the one cabinet where the cleaning products are stored. It’s easy to fit a simple latch to almost any bathroom cabinet with just a screwdriver, and you can choose from any number of styles at the hardware shop.

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