Choosing The Right Cleaning Products For The Bathroom

Half the battle with any job is knowing the right tools to use, and nowhere is that more true than with cleaning. Anyone who has tried to get motor oil off their hands with regular soap knows the truth in that. The bathroom is one of the most difficult places in the home to keep really clean and hygienic, and contains lots of tedious and fiddly cleaning jobs, such as cleaning bathroom taps and shower valves. However, using the right cleaning products will help make it quicker and easier.

Bleach is not a bathroom cure-all, although a diluted solution will help get mildew and mold off the shower screens and out of tile grout. A once a week treatment with a weak bleach solution is a good idea for mold-vulnerable surfaces even if they don’t look cloudy or dirty. Prevention is better than cure. However, do be careful with bleach and keep it well out of reach of children at all times.

Good results on many kinds of bathroom taps and shower valves can actually be achieved with simple bathroom soap or shower gel. If your bathroom taps are chrome or anything with a high shine, trying using your normal shower gel applied with a rag. Don’t use water, just wipe straight on and then off with a clean piece of cloth. You may be pleasantly surprised just how easy it is.

Lime scale can be removed from shower valves and sinks without harsh chemicals. Scrubbing with steel wool will usually do the trick but that will scratch porcelain, so a better method is to use half a normal building brick. It’s harder than the limescale, but not as hard as porcelain so won’t scratch.

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