Creating Luxury Bathrooms

We can help you build a bathroom to the highest standards of luxury and functionality. From the finest chrome bathroom taps and fittings to electric showers that are fully programmable and adjustable to your mood, there is plenty we can do to make your bathroom a space where decadence and style rule supreme. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Bathroom underfloor heating systems are both luxurious and efficient. Installing one is a win for the environment and for your feet- nobody likes cold bathroom tiles first thing in the morning. There are no bulky or unsightly radiators taking up space, just a small thermostat. If you are building a bathroom from scratch or performing major renovations on one, it’s well worth considering.

Bathroom taps and fittings should be chrome. It lasts longer and takes a higher shine than any other type of tap material. Even if you’re looking for an old fashioned or Victorian feel, there will be something in the range to suit you. There are certainly plenty of ultra-modern options.

An electric shower is a real piece of bathroom decadence. With the push of a button on a wireless remote in the bedroom, you can order a shower to your pre-programmed specifications. It’ll be ready when you say so, and all you need to do is step right into water at the perfect temperature.

At Bathroom2u we also sell suites as package deals. Some of these are from the premium end of the range, so well worth a look if you’re looking to create a beautiful bathroom.

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