New Bathroom Taps Make A Big Difference

If you have noticed a damp stain in the kitchen ceiling, the chances are that the water is seeping through from the upstairs bathroom. This is a regular occurrence which is often caused by the sealant around the edge of the bath failing, which lets water from the shower seep down into ceiling below. If you are in this position and are thinking of replacing the sealant, why not use the opportunity to refurbish your bathroom completely?

Here at Bathroom2u we have a fantastic range of bathroom suites to suit every budget, from cheap bathroom suites right through to the more expensive bathroom suites. If you are considering white bathroom suites, we have plenty of different designs in stock, as well as just about everything you will need to make your bathroom the perfect place to relax after a hard day at work.

If your budget doesn’t stretch as far as replacing bathroom suites, how about going for the option of swapping those worn looking bathroom taps and shower valves? If they are looking a bit past it because they have lost their shine, you’ll be surprised how much difference new bathroom taps and shower valves will make to the overall look of your bathroom.

The same applies to replacing toilet seats, shower screens and other bathroom fittings which have probably been in place for years. Have a look at the wide range on our website and you’ll realise that making your bathroom look bright and fresh will be a lot cheaper than you thought!

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