Saving Water In The Bathroom

Hot water isn’t an expensive commodity in the UK, but these days we are all more conscious about water use. Fresh water is a limited resource and as a society we’re only just realising how precious it is.

In a modern homes a lot of water goes straight down the drain, and even more goes to bathing ourselves and our children (and sometimes the dog), washing our clothes and dishes, watering pot plants, cleaning and cooking. And of course, the great British cup of tea. All that, every day, adds up to a lot of water coming out of shower heads and taps around the home – and a substantial utility bill.

The bathroom is one of the biggest contributors to the water and heating bills, so for both your pocket and for the environment it’s worth taking a critical look at your household’s water use in there. There are a number of very simple things you can do to cut it down.

One of the easiest but most important of those things is to educate your family, including the kids, about water use. Help them understand how important it is to turn bathroom taps off properly when not in use. Picking long handled or easy to shut off bathroom taps will help younger members of the family prevent drips and leaking. You can also save quite a bit of water by shutting off bathroom taps while you brush your teeth, for example.

Choosing from our range of efficient shower valves and heads will make an even bigger difference. We’ve got such a wide range of modern and intelligent shower heads, there is sure to be one that’s perfect for your bathroom.

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