Tips For Installing Underfloor Heating

We sell a number of different types of underfloor heating kits. Installing one is a great way to save energy and money on heating bills. Underfloor heating systems also add a touch of luxury to any bathroom, especially in the long winter months when mornings are chilly and dank.

The kits come in two types. The first are meshed into rectangles of substrate material. You simply lay the matting down on the underfloor surface. The second type comes in a cord form you can weave around bathroom cabinets and the area where the bath or shower will be so no energy is wasted by heating up storage and bathing areas. It is slightly trickier to lay, though.

If you choose that kind of under floor heating kit, plan out what will go where in the bathroom well in advance. Measure carefully and mark outlines of the bathroom cabinets and appliances in pencil. With either type, think carefully about where the thermostat will go. It should be easy to access once everything is installed.

Never cut a heating cable, either within a mat or on its own.

Both types you can lay out yourself, and most of the work can be done by DIY-savvy home owners. They are suitable for renovation projects as well as new homes. However, you should certainly get an electrician to connect the underfloor heating system to the house electrical wiring. That way you can be sure of safety and that everything in your bathroom is up to code.

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