Wetrooms – Are They For You?

Wetrooms are becoming increasingly popular here in Britain, and more people are beginning to realise the benefits of having wetrooms installed. If you have heard of wetrooms but are not quite sure what they are, it’s quite simple. They are essentially a bathroom where the shower area is level with the surrounding floor, which means that they are ideal for wheelchair users due to the easy access.  Building a wet room can be time consuming and difficult, with many complex  issues to consider, so it’s best to take expert advice before you embark on the project.

One of the myths about wet rooms is that they can only work in large bathrooms, but the reality is that wetrooms can work in any size bathroom, but there are some things to consider before you have one installed.

First of all the room must be sufficiently strengthened to support the weight of the materials, and you must ensure the drainage system is placed away from the door to prevent the water running out of the bathroom. If you are interested in wetrooms, you will find plenty of choice on the Bathroom2u website, as well as hundreds of ideas for your bathroom, from bathroom taps and shower valves through to bathroom fittings and bathroom accessories. Whatever you need for your bathroom, you will find it on our website, including ideas for underfloor heating systems and underfloor heating kits.

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