Choosing the Right Colour for your Bathroom Suite

Like any room in the home, the most obvious way to reinvent bathroom decor is to change the colour scheme. However, as bathrooms are often confined spaces, this means that colours that will work are often limited. Of course, this doesn’t mean that one can’t be creative with bathroom colour.

Single Colour Schemes

Modern bathrooms often benefit from a restrained colour scheme. With this in mind, white toilet seats and white bathroom suites are often best put to use without any opposing colours – for example, if you have a modern bathroom, such as a wetroom, you might benefit from all-black bathroom taps.

Multi-Colour Schemes

However, whilst a retrained colour scheme might be perfect for your particular bathroom space, this is far from being a universal rule – and often some colours can really shine when in opposition with other – for example, most commonly, white toilet seats might combine with black bathroom taps to create an effect that is highly stylized, whilst not being too overt.


When it comes to bathroom colour, your options aren’t just limited to the old colours like black and white – and instead if you really want to create an effective space, then you might consider using chrome (chrome taps or accessories), which will compliment both modern and traditional spaces.

At Bathroom2u, we have a wide range of fantastic products, including chrome, which means that you are never more than a few clicks away from your ideal bathroom accessories and fittings.

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